Beef and Asparagus stir fry with egg fried noodles

pan with beef and veggie stir fry

Stir fry meals are a simple and quick way to cook a healthy meal from scratch using ingredients of your choice, you can have a vegan, vegetarian dish, seafood or meat dish, even with the available ingredients that are close to hand, there are base rules for the dish you choose but there is no set rule.

This stir fry recipe is very simple, quick to make and tasty.



2 Tablespoons and cooking oil for frying (not olive oil)

500 grams (1.1 lbs) of beef or steak pieces (cubed) 

2 onions (sliced or diced)

2 cloves worth of Garlic (freshly crushed, chopped or grated)

3 Tomatoes (fresh, chopped)

10 Asparagus Spears, these can be cooked whole or chopped into smaller pieces

250 (0.61 lbs) grams of Mangetout or green beans 

500 grams (1.1 lbs) of bean sprouts

Mixed herbs

Soy sauce (to taste)


500 (1.1 lbs) grams of fresh noodles

Cumin spice

3 fresh eggs


With a large pan add a little cooking oil and turn the heat to medium letting the oil heat up gently, you will be able to tell when the heat is enough by putting a small piece of onion in the oil and once is starts frying it is ready.

Put all the onions in the pan as well as the asparagus, mangetout, garlic and beef making sure the meat is cooking well on all sides, a gentle heat will be sufficient so as not to burn the delicate onion, garlic and asparagus.

After just a few minutes the meat should be cooked through and you can now add the beansprouts (check the pack to see if they are pre-washed as some available are not so a quick rinse is always good). Add the tomatoes too.

Rotate the ingredients making sure nothing is burning and turn down the heat so the dish is simmering. Add a good splash of soy sauce.

Pop another pan or wok on a second heat and add a little oil, add the noodles to the pan, if they are from a packet they will begin to separate away from the block format they arrive in and a pair of soft tongs will aid this process, be careful not to burn and turn the noodles crispy, some people do however like them this way.

Once the noodles are all separated and cooking it is time to crack the eggs into the pan, now start to mix them in with the noodles gently so the eggs are evenly distributed and there are no big clumps in there.

Once the eggs are cooked which will only take some minutes it is time to serve the dish, you can either layer the plate with the noodles and cover with the main or just have a plate covered half in each.

This is a healthy dish as little oil is used in the process and the vegetables regain goodness as it is not cooked out as in other methods of cooking like that of boiling.

I hope you enjoy this nourishing dish.


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