Build a bespoke Christmas wreath today

Home made Christmas Wreath

Recently I have noticed that you can purchase Christmas wreaths to make yourself, they come boxed, are available from supermarkets and high street stores, made from plastic and simply clip together in what looks to be one-time-event. As with re-usable (fake) Christmas trees, you can just pop the decorations in the attic or storage space when the festive season is over and be ready for the next years celebrations.

For most this will work out and be a convenient and quick option, some others may like to make their own decorations that are non-shop bought – if you are new to this or like the idea, read on for some tips on how to make yourself and family a bespoke door wreath to display proudly.

Christmas time is a time for close friends and family, you can even make this ‘wreath building’ an annual event, everyone that is around can get involved if they want to for the afternoon and perhaps even bring their own small adornments to decorate the wreath with, this is a really great way to welcoming those entering your home and this particular door decoration is just as important as any interior display.

We will be using plants, shrubs and tree foliage that are available from our gardens, local parks and common areas, the main rule here is not to be detrimental to the existing flora and fauna that reside around these spaces. Plants including winter-blooming flowers (and trees) are natures larders that keep the mammal, bird and insect world sustained until the warmer months come along, in that, please do not take too much foliage from any one particular tree, shrub or plant –  and definitely only take what you need by having no leftover ‘waste’ as during the colder months and with local environmental factors, most greenery slows down growing ready for the spring to bring with it warmer times, this pushes the budding plants to sprout their first leaves ready to photosynthesize* and continue to thrive during the (particular plants) growing season. If you take too much foliage, the plant may not have the inner energy and sugars to continue growth and be adversely affected even dying in some cases.

*Photosynthesis is the action of conversion with sunlight to produce sugars to promote new growth in plants, trees, shrubs and flowers.

Ok, are you ready to do this?

There is no right or wrong way to do this, build it then customize as you like with what is available.

What you will need:


Gloves as some foliage is spikey.

Secateurs or long-handled loppers to remove foliage for use.
Wire for fixings and either glue, tape or zip/cable ties affix the decorations.

Electrical tape or similar fixing solution.


A metal coat hanger or suitable base wire for the frame of the wreath, a 24-inch wreath is suitable and just the right size for a door measuring 36 inches wide, if you hang in from the top center of the door at about 14 inches down on either a piece of ribbon or string, it will hang in the middle and look fit for the purpose.

Dried straw, hay or grasses to bulk to the frame if you feel the need. Now you have everything ready, let’s start building.
wreathmaking materials


  1. Bend the metal frame that you will be using into a circle, it really does not to be exact but as good as you can get it, I used several pieces of mains electric wire for the base frame wrapped around each other, then I used electrical tape to keep in place.  wire bent in circle
  2. With the grass, straw or reeds, wrap lengths around the base frame, they can tuck into the wire if you have several pieces twisted into place and held as I have – don’t worry if there is some base frame still showing, it will all be covered in the next steps.  step 2 wreath making
  3. I then added some variegated laurel leaves, holly with berries and then the ivy, these were poked in and tied with the garden string to the frame on the back-side to hide the knots.  step 3 wreath
  4. That is the base build covered, you can now add to this whatever you like, I added some mahonia flowers as well as some decorations in the form of a large central instrument with some smaller ones around the outside, as well as this I added two ribbons and a Merry Christmas message across the bottom.

Home made Christmas Wreath

  1. That is the Christmas wreath completed, I then tied a long piece of string to the back and hung it on my front door. I hope this has given you some ideas even if not for this year then perhaps next. Merry Christmas all.


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