Cheating on Taco Tuesday

plate of tacos

Need a cheat day in your life?  It’s taco Tuesday cheat day.

Taco Tuesday is a much loved, nearly national holiday that happens every week.  Tacos are just the thing to make the beginning of the week a little better.

All tacos matter, but if we are making a cheat day let’s do it right.  Here is some inspiration for doing taco tuesday right this week.

Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos originated in Austin, TX and has spread throughout the state and country.  They have wonderful tacos that will knock your socks off.  Our personal favorite is the “Trailer Park.”  It has fried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico de gallo & cheddar jack cheese with poblano sauce on a flour tortilla.  PRO TIP:  Get it “Trashy” to remove the lettuce and add their famous queso.

While at Torchy’s, be sure to get their chips and queso.  You will not regret it.  It is tied for my top favorite queso.

Taco Basics with Babish

Dive into this video as Basics with Babish dives into making tacos.  He covers three simple taco options that will make for a great meal on taco Tuesday.

Tasty’s Tacos 10 Different Ways

The is too much to cover in this one video, but it covers some great things to add to you taco Tuesday.   Green sauce, homemade spice mixes, beef fajita, skewered and grilled shrimp, slow cooker chicken, steak and egg double decker tacos, fish tacos, and more!

Or Taco Bell

Our long-standing favorite at Taco Bell has been removed from the menu but is still available if you know what to ask for.  Sadly, I haven’t figured out what to ask.  For 25 years, I have been ordering the Double Decker Taco from Taco Bell.  If you aren’t familiar with the DDT, it first was released with a commercial of Shaq and Olajuwon. It wraps a crunchy beef taco with a soft tortilla and adheres it with refried beans.  #innovation