Feel better the next morning

Woman with headache and glass of water

The older I get, the less and less I look forward to the morning after having a few drinks.  In college I am not sure that I knew what a hangover was fully, you got up the next day and slept in class to nurse it off.  But as I get older it takes less and less drinks to make me have that ‘Hungover’ feeling the next day. 

Lately, I have been turning to Water and Drinkwel to get me through the next morning as if nothing had happened.  Drinkwel’s main ingredient is Milk Thistle which is a liver supplement designed to keep your liver in tip-top shape.  On a night that I know, I will be having a few adult beverages, I take two or three Drinkwels before starting the evening out.  Over the last year, I have noticed a steady decline in my hangover side effects, in the mornings I am less groggy and have more energy then if I did not take them.  I am also able to focus better on any tasks that may be in front of me for that day. 

 As a cheaper alternative, I have used a straight Milk Thistle supplement as well.  After a very nonscientific study over a couple of months, I found that the Drinkwel performed much better than Milk Thistle alone, however, the Milk Thistle did help to take the hurt out of the next morning.  I keep some Milk Thistle supplements around to make myself think that taking one helps to reverse the years of damage I inflicted on my Liver in college.  

 If I do not have a medicinal solution to an evening out drinking I always take time to hydrate between drinks and before going to bed for the evening.  Water alone does not seem to help the inevitable issues the next morning but for myself, it does help that intense headache that sometimes comes along with the hangover.  

At the end of the day, the only way to prevent a hangover is to not drink, however when that is not possible I have found some relatively inexpensive supplements help to take the edge off or totally eliminate the next day side effects.