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We all know that someone who is hard to decide upon buying gifts for, they seem to be so organised yet lacking something but we just cannot grasp at all time and the act of giving gifts can almost be awkward at times, sometimes we feel the gift is just not good enough or will be received with not so much excitement as you thought it would. However, if that person understands you and you know that the gift comes from the heart, they should not consider the price tag, the size or value of the gift does really not matter but just the thought on its own is enough for most.

We, of course, do not want to just buy gifts willy-nilly so here is a nice selection of ideas to consider (in no order whatsoever):

SONGMICS 2 Layers Jewellery and Watch Storage Box with Cufflink Box and Drawer 


An ideal solution for keeping cufflinks, jewellery and watches in, this snazzy storage box has a flip-up lid with exquisite mirror as well as an internal drawer with different compartments, the colour is a black faux leather outer with a nice minimalist gray inner sections made from velvet that will really show off personal shiny goodies and gems, the overall construction is made from tough MDF and has a snap-lock with key to keep your valuables safe. Dimensions are 20 x 33.7 x 13 cms and can be sourced from

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin in Gift Box, 50 cl

You can go far wrong with a nice bottle be-it a white fizzy wine, a full bodied red wine or even some top-notch gin. An old-time classic alcoholic drink that has recently become quite trendy, it is true that you get what you pay for and this dry gin of the blend Monkey 47 does not disappoint. It is an exotic gin made from molasses, has a blend of fruit ingredients including lingonberries, blackberries and honey pomelo with a resulting nose and palate of mentholated tones and herbal notes.

This bottle comes encased in a cool looking wooden and metal box and is available from*

*Being a very alcoholic spirit, this is not meant for children, depending upon the region different ages are needed to be met to drink alcoholic beverages – check your local laws before purchase.

Sushi socks – 5 pack!

Socks are both useful for their warmth and protection from chaffing as well as being able to excel some brightness outward for the wearer and others around them, some socks are almost collectable – if that is a thing  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

These sushi socks are cool as you can get, they come well presented in a sushi-style tray with added adornments and even some chopsticks! These will certainly raise a smile or a laugh when someone is presented with these and expects them to be edible sushi at first glance – they are even packed in the traditional way and really do resemble the delicacy.

They are constructed with 80% Cotton, 17% Polyamide and 3% Elastane so have a great soft and warm feeling. Don’t delay but order some today – even for yourself, I won’t tell anyone 😉
Handmade leather journal, pen and antique leather bookmark gift set. 

At times the best gifts to give are the simplest, they are there and presented at a base level but one that can be appreciated fully. This gift set contains a full 300 pages of non-page-lined leather-bound hand made journal, the leather is “Crazy Horse”, it is soft feeling yet tough and is coated with special oils that make this leather look rustic and old, uniquely distressed and special.

A strap holds the whole lot together, securing the pages as well as keeping the pen safe, ready for use whenever as needed. The paper is great quality and does not suffer bleed through from fountain pens.

There is an added page marker, made from the very same leather as the bounded journal and it all comes in a nice presentation box.

Whatever the use of this set, whether it be for writing, sketching, ideas or just the weekly shop online and off, this will serve its purpose well, an added bonus is that purchase of this product helps families in Africa as some profits are donated to the Afrinspire charity.

Cashmere and Lambwool Winter Warm Neck Scarf Winter

If you are stuck for ideas you cannot go far wrong with a cashmere scarf, for that special someone,  they are ideal and very welcoming for this colder weather as well as being of great quality and readily fashionable,  they can be worn in a variety of ways aside from around the neck, you can wear these as a head covering to really keep in the heat if you are not wearing a hat of some sort, you can wear it over your shoulders for relaxing days or tucked into your office suit on colder days out and about on business

There are many different colour options aside from the grey shown, there are actually 44 variations on this piece from monotone to all-out colour pallet splashes that will certainly stand out in a crowd and good value for the material that the scarves are made from.

Check out the full range starting at

I hope this little list helps some of you out there, leave your comments below, add your suggestion too if you feel it would compliment these gift ideas.


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