Mental health: Don’t give up moving forward.

Drawn heart

The world is always moving around us, sometimes for whatever reason, we can become stuck in the moment, past tense or current emptional trap, there is always a way out however hard it can feel, even if basic functioning for ourselves is difficult at the time. I am talking about overall mental health as well as a balanced inner well being.

There are many distractions in this world of ours, some of these are in our control, others not so much, at times some situations can get out of our control without even realising it until it is way too late, for the want of not trying we can end up feeling helpless, either with ourselves or perhaps because of others not being of an adequate support for them.

If all you can do is your best and you still feel like you have failed, you have not as have tried your very hardest in whatever situation or circumstance that has brought you to this point – that does not mean to stop trying. Keep trying and do not give up, if you give up on yourself you give up on others as cannot be there to support them when they need you. Emotions can be very mixed but a strong mind with a goodwill cannot be swayed, even in troubled times.

Sometimes a break from life is needed, this can be through different ways, some turn to vices to “get them through”, some turn to solace and inner consolidation to strengthen themselves, some might turn to a religious or perhaps different way of life taking up a new sport, hobby or outward social connections, some may even just drop completely out of the loop.

Whatever way you turn, don’t drop out or give up, don’t stop with your core values, we can feel great hurt due to ourselves and sometimes others at times, is that our fault or could we have prevented it? Did we try our hardest should be the presiding question if we did our very best then that is what we did, if not then we should learn from our mistakes and do better next time

The world is a complex place that has many moving components, for the most part, the whole machine goes along nicely but sometimes one moving part will stop moving and seize temporarily, this makes it hard work for the rest of the parts to function and go on correctly. Some parts can adapt to this singular instance of downtime, some will choose to ignore it and go on regardless.

If you need a break from the general complexities of life this is fine, some space to breathe is often needed but never give up and keep on moving forward when you are good and ready, never look back, if you have to then make changes and a better-enhanced upwardly effort with continual forward motion. If you stop moving you stop entirely this is no good for yourself or others that you care for.

We all fall down sometimes, even though it may not seem like it at the time, the best part of it is dusting yourself off and getting back up and being there for others who may well need you in their own downward-looking dire times.

Don’t stop moving (for yourselves or the betterment of others).


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