New (new years) health tips

piles of various fruits

So you know those new years resolutions to get yourself back into peak condition inside and out, how did you get on with those? I am guessing many of you did not adhere strictly to them and that a couple of pointers were gained which is a start.

Health and wellbeing are what you make of them, the more effort to create a balanced life as well as diet go toward making up what we need every day for a good and long life.

As with the new year’s resolutions, not every point has to be taken steps in but they all should if possible.

  • Have a balanced diet with a wide range of foods, try to have fruit and vegetables daily as well as some nuts for fibre and minerals. Brown bread is better for you than white bread, multigrain wholemeal is better for you than brown bread. Have plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates with wholegrain bread, potatoes, pasta and cereals.
  • Replace saturated with unsaturated fats by limiting fats derived from animals like from cooking lard, cutting the fatty bits from meat and use vegetable oils for cooking.
  • Avoid Trans fats making sure to read the food packaging labels and identify the sources.
  • Try to eat fish a few times a week, if possible eat line caught rather than farmed fish as they contain toxins and are pumped full of antibiotics
  • Reduce sugar and salt consumption, it is easy to cut down on sugar in hot drinks and replace fizzy pop with water or a natural fruit juice (that can have added sugars so check the label!
  • Boil, steam grill or bake foods rather than frying them. 
  • Eat regularly and regulate portion sizes, a few sensible meals through the day is better than a couple of bigger ones.
  • Drink plenty of fluids regularly and not too much alcohol as this has a dehydrating effect.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight by having a good diet with some exercise.

The daily regime does not need to be so regimented with just a few of the steps making all the difference, if you can take the whole list up and adhere to its points you will be well on the way to leading a healthier lifestyle!


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