Next Generation Car Seat, Check it out!

person looking at stroller

Preparing for a baby, there are so many things that, as a parent, we research and try to understand what the best product out there is for us.

We look at car seats, strollers, cameras, and so much more. As you plan for the long term and what is going to be best for you and your family, there is an all in one infant car seat/stroller that is a must. 

I am introducing the Doona All in One Infant Car Seat/Stroller. Its the first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution. The car seat itself transforms into a stroller without having to purchase extra parts and allows for more compact storage and better mobility overall. One of the beautiful things about this product is the two in one you don’t need to back a car seat and stroller. The simplicity of converting it between car seat and stroller and the compact size makes it great in stores and restaurants. 

When traveling with this car seat, it makes a lovely and easy transportation because you only need to take the one thing. I have traveled multiple times and having to deal with a car seat that weighs 20 lbs and then a stroller that weighs 25lbs and having to carry both of those and suitcases. With the Doona, its all in one and makes things a little easier, and with traveling with infants, the easier, the better. 

Since having one of these, we’ve continuously received compliments form hospital employees to passerby on the street on just how sleek the design and functionality of the Doona is. The company refers to it as the Next Generation Car Seat, and it really is like nothing anyone has been before. If you drive a lot, I will recommend this car seat to you, since you don’t have to pack an extra caddy or stroller for when you arrive at your destination. The price point may be a point of consideration for some, but it’s really to only stroller and car seat you’ll need for the first year. The price point might distract you from the overall ability of the car seat, but when you see the price point and notice that you would pay similar money for a car seat and stroller, it might be worth the extra money. 

For my family and me, it was an easy decision to make. Take a look at it for yourself and see if this might be what your family might need. 


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