Stock up on these for healthy snacks on the go

In the modern age, most of us are cramming our schedules full of commitments.   Work meetings, email inboxes, school, picking up the kids and taking them to their activities, all lead to very little time to think about what you are going to eat.  Maybe you have learned to meal prep, or have the slow cooker running with a meal for when you get home.  But what if it is only 2:45 and you won’t get home until after 7 pm?  You might think about running to the coffee shop, or stopping for a bite to eat on the way to take the kids to soccer.  Stops like these rarely lead to good eating choices.

Top 6 Healthy Snacks on the Go


Jerky is a great treat to carry in your bag or even leave in your desk at work.  Jerky tastes great and there are many options to add a little protein to your day.  One of the best things about jerky is the long shelf life.  It doesn’t need refrigeration and keeps for a very long time as long as it is kept dry.  Check the ingredient and nutrition labels to be sure you are getting something with too much sugar, or too high in sodium as these decrease the healthiness.


If you like tuna, it can be a great treat to take on the go.  As long as it is stored as directed, it doesn’t need refrigeration until after it is opened.  This means you can keep a little pouch on you and pack some protein while out on the trail, or between errands.   Much better than stopping for fast food.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are another great option for snacks to take with you.  They can be made ahead, and taken in a baggie with you each day.

Turkey Roll-Ups

Turkey typically needs refrigeration, but you can make some turkey roll-ups with or without cheese and carry with you for a limited amount of time before they go bad.  Turkey is a great source of protein and is low fat.

Mixed Nuts

Grab a bag of mixed nuts to enjoy on the go.  Nuts are great to grab a handful to add some protein and healthy fats into your day.  Most grocery stores have many options for premixed bags, although watch out for the ones that have too much chocolate or sweets mixed in with the nuts.  Many large grocery stores, or health food stores now have pay by the pound for different nuts.  You can get the nuts you prefer and then make your own mix at home.  Avoid too many peanuts because they aren’t the healthiest option for nuts.

String Cheese

I prefer string cheese directly out of the fridge, but you can safely keep it for a midday snack.   With the Keto diet, I prefer full fat, low moisture mozzarella cheese sticks.



With these snack options, you will be making better nutrition choices, and continue on towards your health and nutrition goals.