Three Healthy and Easy New Years Resolutions you can start today.

view of walking person

With 2019 in our rearview mirror, many of us are looking for a way that we can improve our health and well being going into 2020.  There are lots of different diets, nutrition programs, or exercise programs out there all competing for your attention and dollars.  I wanted to share with you three simple things that require little to no money and can have a lasting positive impact on your health.  

    Let us start with what may seem like the easiest one.  Drinking more water. Most studies out there show that for men, drinking one gallon a day and for women drinking three-quarters of a gallon showed to keep most individuals hydrated.  There are several benefits to staying hydrated and almost none to keeping yourself dehydrated. I have found the easiest way to keep myself drinking water is to have water on me. I know it may sound ridiculous but if you have the water on you, you will tend not to go looking for a coke, juice, or other beverage, you will drink what is right in front of you. Your water.  

    Another goal that can be easy to overlook is exercise.  Many may say to join a gym, CrossFit, or get an exercise bike but there are many things you can do at home to get moving and get healthier.  One of the simple exercises that I like to do that costs very little to participate in is jumping rope. Jumping rope only requires the purchase of a jump rope and can be used for many years to come.  Not only is it an aerobic exercise but for me, it has an almost calming effect on my mental health and after a while doesn’t feel like exercise but a sport in which I am competing against myself. Jumping rope has a great cardio effect for me allowing me to push myself as far as I want to go and it makes me feel great after even the shortest of jumping sessions.  Get out there and pick up a jump rope today!

    As a final goal, I wanted to include something that many may not initially see as having any kind of health benefit but it definitely does.  Get out there and start walking. While walking may or may not make you bust a sweat, the health benefits of getting out there and moving far outweigh doing nothing.  Running is not for everyone, the high impact act of running may wear on your knees and other joins and prevent you from running. Walking can be done at your own pace and own comfort as to what feels right for you and your body.  Even walking just 30 minutes a day has a plethora of health benefits such as more energy, improved joint health, strengthing your heart, and lowering your blood sugar. All of these benefits can benefit everyone and can help you start 2020 with a healthy bang!


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