Why put off feeling good? Put on the Fitbit smartwatch and make it so!

The colder months may well be upon us now but that is no excuse not to be able to keep up your exercise regime, in fact, if currently, you do not take some time out each day to leave that office spinner and home armchair, then now is the perfect time to start moving that body (and muscles) of yours; if you are determined and can stick to the exercise rota there will be enough time to peak up for the summer months at the beach 😉

With the Fitbit tracker watch at the ready, a good start to any workout in the gym is a definite must be it jogging, swimming or otherwise is firstly to actually monitor your milestones and fitness end goals. This can be achieved via the on screen ‘smart experiences’, there are activities and step challenges then onto the adventures – this is all ready to go out of the box!

The visual feedback is wonderful in a high definition display, there are some really great functions including the usual watch-like readouts with the time, date and alarms but also you can monitor in real-time your heart rate (Beats per minute) to better track calorie burn to be used in line with your diet.

Included are 15+ exercise modes, you can use the watch in conjunction with Swin, Run and the other modes to see real-time statistics as you exercise. This aids to help you reach your activity goals by tracking your actual steps taken, distance with floors and active minutes too. A personal guidance assists with the on-screen workouts too, it does this with actionable insights via an easy to comprehend manner. 

With an app on your smartphone, a wide range of feedback data is available, this links to the Global positioning system to display run stats, mapping, time stages and so on, there really is a lot packed into this little smart device. You can also quickly reply to notifications, explore the various onboard apps, play music, all this with a four day plus battery life.

With financial institutions and banks that support the device, you can load credit and debit cards into the Fitbit app for contactless payments. There are also smart experiences such as Strava and Uber with this little wonder. 

It does not stop there, even when your asleep this watch actively monitors and records your light, deep and REM sleep stages.

There really is a lot to the Fitbit Vera Health & Fitness Smartwatch, whatever your style this will fit right in, with this, the straps are even interchangeable for that distinctive look.

Don’t delay, get yourself up to date and onto peak fitness today from https://amzn.to/2pNGGwo